05 August 2012

Film: Wrath Of The Titans (2012)

Thoughts: I didn't enjoy Clash Of The Titans. It felt like a mish-mash; like executives just had to have their greedy paws all over the print. But Wrath... Wrath felt like Underworld: Awakening. Straight up action/adventure with no mind for much else. And in my opinion, it's awesome.

I love how Sam Worthington appears onscreen talking like a top bloke. It's like the directors told everyone "Fuck it, just talk like you normally do. We don't care."

So we have Perseus running around telling sheilas to take a sickie or some shit. Well, not really. But you get my drift- accents are everywhere in this flick. But it's OK, because stuff blows up or gets thrown around or gets cut up enough for you to not care.

The first two acts balance action and that sense of adventure quite well, especially the cyclops sequence. I love how they made the cyclops both big AND speedy. It makes sense dammit! The final third trades the adventure in for a double shot of action, but hey man, who cares. Crank the volume and enjoy, I say.

Yeah, this is a short review. But Wrath Of The Titans is like cinematic candy: short, sweet, and you have an awesome headache afterwards.

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