27 August 2012

Film: [REC]³ Génesis

Thoughts: Hell yeah! [REC]³ Génesis grabs the stilted franchise, throws away the convention established by the first 2 and turns it up to 11. Fuck the haters whining over at imdB, this movie takes [REC] and adds lashings of Return Of The Living Dead; near-indestructible foes and humour that is intrinsically linked to the choices and situations at hand. Both films are great fun, and both films get my thumbs up.

You don't need to know anything about the franchise so far, so when we're introduced to the wedding party of Clara and Koldo, it's completely fresh and unencumbered by death or heavy story mythos. The film takes stock of its fore-bearers in the cold open: an extended sequence of handheld footage from the wedding, cutting in and out as the wielder sees fit. This particular technique leads us through literally the entire wedding, character introductions and all, right up to the reception, and the inevitable Attack Of The Infected. It is then that the film drops the handheld pretense, and goes with a traditional cinematic approach; cutting between characters, panning, swooping and zooming. The film now follows various groups of survivors, all trying to stay alive, and that's about it.

If you read my previous review, you'd know that one of the things that irritated me about the 2nd film, was that I couldn't believe mostly all of what was presented. The benefit here then, is that this is so laughably IMpossible, that I couldn't help but be engaged by what I was seeing. You ask me to believe, I'll believe, unless you contradict yourself and make it impossible for me to invest my belief. You show me that you're not going for realism, and I'm game enough to jump on board to see what's in store. And with [REC]³ Génesis, I didn't even purchase a ticket, I just jumped over the barricade and sat on the roof. I mean, when you have a literal damsel in distress, dressed in a gown, with a chainsaw, trying to meet up with her literal knight in shining armour, sword and all, you can bet I'm laying my cards on the table. There's even a man in a Sponge John outfit brandishing a rifle. [REC]³ Génesis was goofy, blood-soaked fun, and I can't wait for the next instalment.

Decidedly less tits than Return Of The Living Dead though.


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