20 August 2012

Film: The Cabin In The Woods (2011)

Thoughts: This is just pure, uncut fantastic. The film follows in the same form as Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil and Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon, serving up equal doses of horror and comedy, mixed around a genuine love and understanding of the genre. The Cabin In The Woods proves to be the most ambitious, but fortunately for us, the film swings and connects with full impact, giving us originality-craving film fans a reason to be happy and excited that there is still life in the ol' girl yet.

I can't spoil much, if any, of The Cabin In The Woods, but I can definitely tell you it deals in the typical tropes of most every haunted house/slasher/zombie/college kids type horror film, and with a bunch more thrown in for good measure. A group of 5 almost-stereotype-covering kids head to a rented cabin in the woods for fun and frolic during college break. Malevolent forces WILL be released. Parallel to this, a group of scientists work in a room with many monitors, joking around, making small talk, all the while monitoring every action these kids make. What could this all mean?

The film takes the standard formula, and flips it in every which way possible. Supernatural elements are in full force, as is the usual gory kills, but the meaning behind it all is something completely different entirely. Most every aspect of the standard horror film is hit with a x-ray, and cut up with precision to make you believe that you are witnessing something truly special. What do you expect from something written by Joss Whedon? And with the acting talent that's on display, you can't help but think that perhaps everyone involved knew they were onto something exciting as well, with such stars as Thor himself (Chris Hemsworth), the ever-awesome Richard Jenkins, the always-reliable Fran Kranz, Grey's Anatomy star surgeon Jesse Williams, and of course Joss Whedon regular Amy Acker turning in great work, very befitting of the material on display.

The direction is completely grounded, and the audio plays a big role in setting up various "dominos" to knock down, if you will. Take all your preconceived notions, and throw them over your shoulder, because The Cabin In The Woods will take your brain on a rollercoaster ride that no one should spoil for you, at any time. I can't wait to add this to my collection, and watch it again!


I don't want to ruin the film, so instead of my usual trailer, have a DRAMATIC SLOTH instead!

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