05 August 2012

Film: Altered States (1980)

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...okie dokie. I get what all the reviewers meant now by "a film worth the journey, not the ending". Because that ending made me go like this:

...anyway, it was a pretty good flick. You can definitely see where Fringe got some material through this, and I don't just mean by taking Blair Brown from this and making her head of Massive Dynamic. Same isolation chamber, same idea of travelling to different worlds and different timelines. Although it deals with all of these in a very, very 80s style, it is no less of an absolute mindfuck pretty much the whole way through.

Insane, trippy dream visuals and nightmarish audio work combine with the general mad-scientist genetic tweking that we know and love to see. William Hurt really gets how to do obsessive compulsive, aloof and charismatic individuals, and we know that his Doctor Eddie Jessup is gonna push that boundary as far as he can get it. We get monkey people and space babies and 7 eyed goats and high tea and all sorts of crazy shenanigans. We get pseudo-science and lots of religious lambasting- if that's what you call it. It's more like a science based nihilism.

If any of this is making sense, then you're making more sense of this than I am. Basically, watch if you want to see an interesting premise that gets fucked by behind-the-scenes tomfoolery (this film has a notorious history, check it out over on wikipedia).


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