05 August 2012

Film: Amusement (2008)

Thoughts: This was supplied to me by the great Ma o' mine; she certainly loves her horror. Yeah, the film, s'ok. Nothing to write home about. But I gotta thank my progenitor for allowing me to bask in the radiance of the absolutely gorgeous Katheryn Winnick, of whom plays our beleaguered Survivor Girl. I gotta tell ya, this film is worth watching for her alone. Damn.

I mean seriously, look at her.




Phew. I don't need to give any more reason than the three I provided above. But, that said, the film seems to have nice production values, pretty cool costumes and set design, and I personally like the work of Keir O'Donnell, and he plays the antagonist well here. The film spends a fair bit of time with the set-up though, and reveals our man far too quick. But oh well.

There's the obligatory layering of stupid that renders our 3 tortured victims as shrieking fools more often than I'd like, but frankly, I don't really care when it comes to typical horror fare. You get what you're given with these sorts of offerings: if you haven't prepped when you pop the disc in or pay for your ticket, then you deserve to be disappointed. So with that in mind, Amusement is, just another horror film. Not as bad as you might think, but not as good as you're hoping you'll get. One day.


...Oh, and another thing:


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