10 January 2013

Film: Jack Reacher (2012)

Thoughts: It may run for far too long (130min) but Jack Reacher knows exactly what it is, and has no problems getting there. He's an insanely good looking man with "a particular set of skills" who's "no hero" and lives off the grid "as an experiment that became an addiction". Seriously, what more could you want in a lead man for a twisty action thriller? Plus, Rosamund Pike has a wicked set of boobies. Very nice!

From imdb:
"A homicide investigator digs deeper into a case involving a trained military sniper who shot five random victims."

The whole thing is an adaptation of a Lee Child book series, the kind that you read to escape from the world for a bit. Some of the bits are ridiculous, and the dialogue is quick and overcooked. But frankly, that's kinda what makes the whole thing so fun and charming. Tom Cruise is every bit the man here, breaking limbs and hearts with equal indifference. He's a man with nothing to lose, and nothing to gain.

The film opens with a bravo 10 minute sequence that involves no dialogue. And you all know how I feel about long takes and no dialogue. So immediately, I was interested. Of course, in comes Jack Reacher to work his magic, being given an almost impossible task of finding the truth in what seems to be an open and shut case. The evidence is almost too obvious and clean. And so off he goes to do his loner thing. And it works. Tom Cruise has never been better, exuding charm and resignation in equal parts.

The direction is surprisingly solid, and the editing and staging work wonders for what is basically a rote thriller. What could have been throwaway becomes something a bit more substantial and worthwhile the further you go, culminating in a very engaging and well organized endgame. It's only difficulty is getting there, because despite the interesting way the story unfolds, it really is a long sit, and there is a fair bit of talking and deducing.

I can say it was worthwhile, but I can also say it is probably good for one viewing only. The wife enjoyed it too, so whatever that means to you and your viewing situation, give it a go. I'd say it'd make for a fantastic rental.


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