11 January 2013

Film: Paranorman (2012)

Thoughts: Paranorman takes convention and tears it up, twists it around, throws it in the air and lets the pieces fall where they may. If that wasn't enough to get me interested in a film, having wonderful performances, amazing animation, deliciously dark humour and amazing visuals certainly helps. Move over Coraline, because Paranorman kicked far more ass- and made a hell of a lot more sense. And the character designs and set designs are almost worth the price of admission alone.

From imdb:
"A misunderstood boy takes on ghosts, zombies and grown-ups to save his town from a centuries-old curse."

There's horror movie throwbacks and references, some amazing character designs and a whole lot of heart in Paranorman. And in my opinion, this is certainly not one for kids. The story is quite complex, the references full and quite dark, and definitely a lot of scary moments for youngsters. It doesn't help that the whole thing is "shot" and directed with such an eye for detail that it eclipses most live action fare- horror or otherwise.

The vocal talent is both game and fitting, bringing full life to very intricate and amazingly animated characters. There are some serious laughs to be had, both from the script and story itself, and from the numerous references to horror films, and to playing with convention. Practically the entire film plays with and defies everything that is supposed to define just about every genre it decides to take aim at: kids films, horror, comedy and thriller. And those character designs, freaking amazing. My personal favourite was the witch at the end- the way she was presented was nothing short of amazing. It's the little things that make this film so great.

I advise everyone to check this movie out- especially if you're an adult, and even more if you love horror and zombie films.


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