03 July 2012

Film: Dog Pound (2010)

Thoughts: I like prison movies. Something about that closed-in fishbowl situation where you just KNOW shit's gonna be horrible, and probably not going to get better. Dog Pound hits that note perfectly, but instead sets itself in the landscape of young offenders as opposed to the usual 'ard older boys. It refrains from overt sentimentality- or any sentimentality, for that matter. It doesn't employ flashbacks, nor does it force it's characters into exaggerated moments of character expression and explanation. It instead goes for the grim and gritty, propelling the viewer along at the same pace that these unfortunate young men are forced to march at, and with great result. 

The performances are fantastic, even more so for a cast so young, and the directorial style favours less invasive techniques as opposed to stylized colours and framework, all culminating in a tight, affecting work of value. I personally think the lead actor (Butch) is going places. His portrayal of a young man with serious aggression issues are almost primal, and his violent rebukes at an unfair system are truly cathartic for the viewer- more than likely for all the wrong reasons. 

Altogether, I'll give it a 4/5 for great justice.

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