16 November 2009

Film: The Star Trek (2009)

Film: The Star Trek.
Year: 2009
Director: J.J. Abrams
Source: Blu-Ray
Viewings: 2
Runtime: 130mins

Lens flare as an artform. There, out of the way. Look, I never watched The Star Trek much. After falling out with The Star Wars many years ago, I just didn't feel the need to fill a void that wasn't there. I didn't feel I was missing much. I had nothing against it, I HAVE nothing against it. It's just not a necessity to me, like it was to my old housemate. That being said, I enjoyed The Star Trek immensely.

Yeah, I'll describe it. Ship meets gigantic ship at black hole, little ship gets destroyed, Kirk born while father dies on ship. Spock the Vulcan is half human, chooses to "exile" himself to Starfleet command, while now-older Kirk joins the fast-track leadership program. They end up hunting the gigantic ship. The classic crew gets assimilated on the way. The end.

That's enough. Seriously, this movie gets it right. There's enough asplosions, enough character drama, enough love and titillation, enough laughs. And that whole lens flare thing really lends the film a very unique feel, one that every time you think of it, you immediately think of The Star Trek. You know what I'm talking about; that lens flare in the 3 thirds of the screen, as the camera goes close up and spins/pans. Lotsa closeups.

And on Blu-Ray, The Star Trek is a thing to behold. I'm not gonna lie, my 42" barely shows it off like some other films I've gawked at, because there's simply so much going on in each frame that I'd need to kick it up another notch (BAM!) just to truly go "aaaaaaawww". The sound holds up equally, constantly making my amp cut out like it's Advent Children all over again. Just not as much. Watching Advent Children was a real pain.

Watching The Star Trek again revealed a couple of logic gaps, like, if the drill could be simply shot and destroyed by Spock's mini-flyer, why didn't they do it sooner? And did Nero immediately come to the conclusion and choose the path he did IMMEDIATELY after the explosion? No reel-time? That all being said, I was going "Whatever." long before I noticed, OR cared. Bones saying "Goddammit man, I'm a doctor, not a physicist!" and Scotty telling his alien friend off almost by rote fills any logic gaps required in my book.

"Kyle Reese's journey automatically negated the future? Look, it's Simon Pegg, and he's doing a funny dance!"

I don't know how my mum couldn't like this. But then again, sorry mum, but you recommend some terrible films. TERRIBLE films!

I've yet to explore the special features, but from the looks of it it's like Iron Head all over again. Fucking extensive AND interesting.

In Ads' Nutshell: The Star Trek is a bumpy, fun-filled ride that can be enjoyed over and over, like Urkel!

Would He Blu It?: Oh I did. And I'm loving every minute of it. Like Urkel!

Score: 4.5/5.

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