04 December 2012

Film Rewatch: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Thoughts: ....alright, on a second viewing this was actually pretty awesome. I still have really, really big issue with the script though, and my original assessment still definitely stands- especially in the first half of the film. All the dialogue is made up of one-liners, melodramatic speechifying or exposition. Still, I really liked how the film was split into the comic storylines of Knightfall and No Man's Land. The latter was much better than the former in my opinion though, the first is riddled with bad dialogue, ridiculous and underwhelming action and story beats that are ludicrous at best.

I still love Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle though. Easily my favourite Catwoman. Batman's plight was a fair bit more involving this time around, and the story flowed much more smoothly with the advance knowledge of how it all played out, and what was really going on. Tom Hardy is still one of my favourite actors, and I valued his performance much more on this sitting. He really did kick some serious ass here.

One thing still bugs me though: how the fuck did they get those dirt bikes into the stock exchange! I watched that scene intentionally, but they still didn't show where they came from! Ah well.

The action played out better on the small screen too, and the level of effort that went into the set design was actually quite astonishing. Plus, the film really feels like a massive epic with far-reaching ideas. I still found the overall arc of upper vs lower class as far too obvious and blunt though. There are a lot more subtleties to the whole situation, and the way the film throws out its agenda is really quite heavy. But now that I think about it, it also doesn't really favour one side, so perhaps I'm not giving it enough credit... I guess I'm not.

Eh, either way, I'm glad I picked it up on blu-ray. It looked and sounded absolutely magnificent, and practically boomed the house down with the bass. I'm amazed the kids didn't wake up honestly.


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